Warhol, a new code name appears for future AMD CPUs: what is it hiding?


In recent days we have discussed some codenames relating to AMD’s future APU and Ryzen CPU. As for the CPU without integrated graphics, we know that the current Ryzen 3000 range is identified by the code name Matisse, while the “XT” CPUs that should be presented in the coming weeks are called “Matisse Refresh”. The CPU range Ryzen 4000 expected within the year or at the beginning of 2021 at the latest, it is accompanied by the code name Vermeer. And after what happens?
The name had leaked in the past few hours Raphael, but it looks like there will be room for it first Warhol, in honor of the American artist Andy Warhol, an icon of the twentieth century. According to rumors, AMD Warhol CPUs will rely again on Zen 3 architecture and the 7 nanometer manufacturing process, to then be replaced by Raphael, with the transition to Zen 4 and 5 nanometers architecture. Among other things, even this sequence seems to be questioned, because if you look at the image, Raphael may not be a “pure” CPU but an APU, as the word “Navi” seems to appear.

In these hours there is a lot of confusion about AMD’s plans. Various rumors have suggested that the transition from Zen 3 to Zen 4 could be interspersed with Zen 3+, not foreseen by the company’s official roadmap. Similarly, in the past few hours, the Digitimes (via Videocardz) talked about the possible use of TSMC’s “plus” 5 nanometer production process for the realization of the Ryzen 4000, an indiscretion of what “seems too good to be true. “and which would contradict the roadmaps. All this without forgetting that “moving” a project from one production process to another is not a feasible thing in a short time, especially if it is necessary to ensure high volumes. To put it simply, it seems to us a hoax at present.
In short, this is to say that a bit of everything has been circulating in the last few hours, so a little caution is advisable in evaluating the various news: the only sure thing is that in the AMD house there is turmoil, thanks to a roadmap solid, the increasingly important support from TSMC and the financial accounts continuously improving, with the prospect of a “boom” thanks to the production of the chips for the next-gen consoles.

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