Wanda Nara, plan B for Icardi: prepare a surprise move


Paris is well worth a move. Ok, but which one? We all hang from the retouched lips of Wanda, Wandissima, Our Lady of the Tweets, mother of five, wife and CEO of Maurito, Argentine by birth, Italian by adoption, Parisian by contract. Between feathers and pajettes, bombastic breasts in the wind and gynecological shots in the hot posts for use by the 6.5 million followers; are these hours when – with Icardi more and more Psg – Wanda of B exhibits the side, but meanwhile prepares a plan. He spent the 2019-2020 football season dividing his time between France and theItaly. Pre-pandemic dinners in Paris with Maurito, Keylor Navas and companion, compulsive shopping in the streets of Paris – in the magazines for hairdressers they are usually called “moments of leisure” – escapes to Milan to keep offspring at bay and finish furnishing the stratospheric penthouse of 500 square meters with a view of the headquarters of the Inter, home sweet home from € 8 million. And then lightning trips to Rome, to participate in the role of «Big Sister» at the «Big Brother Vip», Flirting opinions alongside Alfonso Signorini and listening helplessly to the songs of baby; without forgetting – ever – to smooth his followers by posing flush with the Eiffel Tower in the background or soapy as one Carmen Russo of the golden days in the shower, while Alvaro Vitali of the world peek at her through the keyhole. And still transferring all the beautiful and disheveled tribe including children, father-in-law and servants to the Brienno villa on Lake Como to take refuge from the virus but getting angry with her ex-husband Maxi Lopez that the accusation – instead – of bringing the children right there – in Lombardy – where the virus has alarming contagion curves.

Wanda Nara between travel and post

But Wanda slips all over himself, even the body-shaming of the keyboard lions captivated by the quarantine that now – after having adored her – impute her post in which she languidly squeezes her eyes in chastised pajamas or if she is darting with Maurito on a jet ski, plowing the Lake Como and perhaps by declining Manzonian passages of the “Promessi Sposi”, but perhaps also not. It has been a tiring year, a Tour de Force who saw her in pinball mode, always with the trolley in hand it’s a selfie to post to future memory, negotiating for her husband, looking for herself in the contract bonus. And now? Milan-Paris, roundtrip. The heart on one side, the bank account on the other. To demonstrate that everyone plays the games they know, one of the last is worth for our fabulous Wanda video Instagram post. So here she is, in the calculated profile of the post-workout, while she is puffing up with her lips moistened by a shiver of sweat, offering a breast that erupts in the distorted perspective of the first floor: life is all a pixel.

Icardi at PSG, there is an agreement

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