Walter Tobagi, 40 years ago, the murder. Mattarella’s tribute – Chronicle


– “Walter Tobagi was brutally killed because they represented what the Red Brigades denied it and wanted to erase. It was a free journalist who was investigating the reality beyond the stereotypes and prejudices, and the terrorists would not tolerate narratives other than those of their ideological schematism.” Forty years after the assassination of the journalist of the Corriere della Sera, Walter Tobagi, which took place in Milan on 28 May 1980 the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella remember the courage and authority on the pages of the newspaper via Solferino. “He was a Democrat, a reformer, and this proved intolerable to the extremist fanaticism”, said Mattarella recalling that “Tobagi died very young. At thirty-three had already shown extraordinary abilities, was union leader of the Lombard journalists, had to his credit studies, essays historical, social and cultural investigations “. And, remember that “was killed in those months, when other men of the State, other civilian heroes, fell in Milan and throughout Italy for fidelity to the principles of coexistence that revolutionary mythology, the subversive plots, criminal organizations of different nature they wanted to hit. “
The Head of State, expressing “feelings of closeness to Tobagi family” points out that “for his newspaper Walter Tobagi is more than a symbol: it is an example of a free journalism, which does not bow to the threat, that does not give the critical spirit in narrating reality, which lives in pluralism “. “This memory day is important for the ‘Corriere della Sera’, which took in Tobagi one of its most prestigious, and it is for all the Italian press: society has changed in recent decades – writes Mattarella – but the challenge of freedom, autonomy, the authority of the journalistic profession is increasingly vital. the desire to delve into the reality to reveal hidden items, besides being good journalism, it also helps to find seeds of hope. of this – concludes the president – we need”.


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