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According to what was stated in the last bulletin of the Civil Protection, there are 228,006 the contagions from Coronavirus in Italy, of which 134,560 recovered and 32,486 dead. Yesterday there was an increase of 642 positives. Here is the updated data region by region:

Lombardy: 86,091

Piedmont: 29,990

Emilia Romagna: 27,417

Veneto: 19.038

Tuscany: 10,000

Liguria: 9,344

Lazio: 7,558

Brands: 6.689

Campania: 4,723

Puglia: 4,413

Trento: 4,378

Sicily: 3,417

Friuli VG: 3,215

Abruzzo: 3,212

Bolzano: 2,587

Umbria: 1,429

Sardinia: 1,356

Aosta Valley: 1,176

Calabria: 1,156

Molise: 423

Basilicata: 394

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a briefing yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate: Phase 2 issues from May 18 and the measures put in place with the revival decree. The premier also said that the Immuni app will be available in the next few days for the first tests. The tones came on particularly during the first report to the Chamber: the session was suspended after the deputy Ricciardi (M5S) severely attacked the management of the Coronavirus emergency by the Lombard health system: “It is not a speculation on the victims, but to say that there have been problems handled in an absolutely negative way, “he told our microphones. Minister Boccia explained that, in relation to interregional mobility, all regions are low risk except three, which are instead considered medium risk: among these there is also Lombardy. In Veneto, where there were zero new infections yesterday, kindergartens will reopen, the signature of the order by Governor Zaia is scheduled for today. Green light from the European Union to the 9 billion aid plan for Italian companies. Waiting for the school summit between Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Minister Lucia Azzolina and representatives of the majority.

Over 5 million Coronavirus infections worldwide, with the United States holding the sad record for number of cases. From the European Center for Disease Control comes the alarm on the risk of a second wave on the continent, and the warning to States not to be found unprepared. In China there are two new infections, in the USA in the past two months over 38 million people have been out of work. In Britain there were over 330 deaths yesterday, deaths in Brazil are increasing and the Minister of Culture also resigns a few days after the new Minister of Health resigns.

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