Volvo, 180 km / h top speed limited on each model



Volvo confirms the decision to limit the maximum speed to 180 km / h on each new production model

by Simonluca Pini

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Volvo confirms the decision to limit the maximum speed to 180 km / h on each new production model

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Volvo confirms its willingness to increase the safety of its cars, as demonstrated by the decision to limit the maximum speed to 180 km / h on each new production model. This decision is part of the promise made last year by Volvo Cars, when it announced its intention to limit the maximum speed of its new cars, and goes even further than the relevant laws and regulations in order to further reduce the gap which still remains before reaching the elimination of traffic accidents with serious and fatal consequences.

Volvo Care Key, you can choose the maximum speed
In addition to the maximum speed limiter, every new Volvo from now on will also be equipped with a Care Key, which allows those who drive a car of the Swedish brand to set additional limitations on the maximum speed of the car, useful for example when lending cars to other family members or younger, inexperienced drivers. “We believe a car maker has a duty to help improve traffic safety,” said Malin Ekholm, head of Volvo Cars’ Safety Center. “Our speed limiting technology, like the debate it has stimulated, fits perfectly into this line of thought. The maximum speed limitation and Care Key help people to reflect and realize that speeding is dangerous, while providing greater peace of mind for drivers and promoting better behavior for motorists “.

Security overrides criticism
Maximum speed limitation has been a controversial topic since it was announced and has led some observers to question an automaker’s right to impose such limitations using the technology available today. However, Volvo Cars feels compelled to continue as a pioneer in the discussion of the rights and obligations of car manufacturers regarding taking actions that can ultimately save lives, even if in some cases this means losing potential clients.

Speed ​​related accidents
The problem with speed is that when certain limits are exceeded, the safety systems on board the vehicle and intelligent infrastructures are no longer sufficient to avoid serious and fatal consequences in the event of an accident. This is the underlying reason why vehicle speed limits are placed in most western countries, although speeding remains a widespread problem and a major cause of road accident deaths. Every year, millions of people are still fined for speeding. Research has shown that, on average, there is still little understanding of the dangers associated with speeding. As a result, many people often tend to drive too fast and have a poor ability to adjust the car’s speed to traffic conditions.

Promoted objectives: driving in a state of intoxication and distraction
In addition to speeding, drunk driving and distraction are two other points of great concern for traffic safety; two conditions that feed the gap to be filled in order to achieve Volvo Cars’ vision of a future free from road accidents with fatal and serious consequences. The car manufacturer is therefore carrying out concrete initiatives to be able to control these three aspects of human behavior through timely work in the field of safety which will lead to the introduction of new functions in future production cars.

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