Volleyball League: Official, relegated championships


First participation this morning in the FIPAV Federal Council for the new League Council, represented by videoconference by President Massimo Righi and Vice-Presidents Stefano Fanini and Angelo Agnelli. After the presentations and the illustration of the new board’s program for the coming months, work is underway for the launch of the next 2020-21 championship.

As regards the approval of the Championship Admission regulations for the three Credem Banca, SuperLega, A2 and A3 series, the Federation is awaiting the formalization of the documents previously voted by the Assembly and League Consultants.

With regard to the formulas of the Championships, the SuperLega clues to 13 teams have been confirmed (two retrocessions are foreseen), 12-formation Serie A2, 24-team Serie A3.

A promotion is planned for both the A2 and A3 series, while the number of relegations will be assessed on the basis of the composition of the groups and companies registered for Serie B; however, the plan is to minimize, if not reset, the number of retrocessions for A2 and A3.

There Del Monte Super Cup it will be the first opening event of the year and is currently set forlast week of August.

The League has announced to the Federation the creation of a technical commission composed of coaches, doctors and managers, activated together with the Women’s League, with the aim of proposing to FIPAV suggestions for the final draft of the safety training protocol.

Just in view of the resumption of sessions in the gym, the League asked the Federation to be a diligent part to anticipate the granting of visas for non-EU players. The availability of visas from mid-June, even if the start of membership is set for 1 July, would allow players to arrive in Italy for participation in training.

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