Volkswagen has been sentenced to compensate customers damaged by the so-called “Dieselgate”


The German Federal Supreme Court of Karlsruhe (the equivalent of our Court of Cassation) has ruled that the Volkswagen car company will have to compensate customers who had purchased a car in which the control unit that “rigged” the emissions was mounted, ie the models involved in the “Dieselgate” scandal.

A Volkswagen representative said that the compensation will be agreed from time to time with the various customers, as appropriate: they will be partial refunds of the price at which the car was purchased and will take into account the wear of the vehicle from the time of purchase, based on the number of kilometers traveled. The ruling could be valid as a precedent for the approximately 60 thousand trials launched against the automobile company at the federal level for the “Dieselgate” scandal.

The decision of the Karlsruhe judges confirmed the previous ruling of the Koblenz court of appeal that had sentenced Volkswagen to pay the owner of a Volkswagen Sharan (one of the models that mounted the offending ECU) 25 thousand euros against a purchase price of 31,500.

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