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From 22 May 2020, the new price list for accessories payable by the Vodafone telephone operator is available. The following conditions of sale are provided below, in force until further notice.

It should be noted that the accessories listed are temporarily available only in participating Vodafone stores.

Before proceeding with the details of the economic conditions, please note that the monthly installments of the products of the red operator they can be charged to your credit card and in some cases also to your current account.

As for wearable Band 3E and earphones Free Buds Lite of Huawei, Vodafone requires a initial contribution of 9.99 euros for new customers and 0 euros for already CB customers. There is no maximum early withdrawal fee.

The monthly installments are 30 and, for new customers, amount to 50 euro cents for the Huawei Band 3E and 3.99 euro for the Free Buds Lite earphones. These costs for former CB customers are reduced respectively to 0 euro and 2.99 euro.

The Xiaomi brand products available are the Mi Smart Band 4 and the Scooter me. The first provides 30 installments of 99 euro cents per month for all customers and an advance of 4.99 euros (new customers) and 0 euros (formerly CB customers). Also in this case there is no maximum early withdrawal fee. Scooter me is only available with a credit card.

The Scooter me instead, it can be purchased by paying 30 monthly installments worth 9.99 euros each and an advance of 99 euros (new customers) or 0 euros (formerly CB customers).

The maximum early termination fee is possibly required only from already CB customers and amounts to 100 euros.

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Then there are the headphones Harman AKG GP Y500, available in all cases a 3.99 euros per month for 30 months, without any maximum early withdrawal fee and with an initial contribution of 29.99 euros (new customers) and 0 euros (formerly CB customers).

Finally, the TWS Java earphones they can be divided into installments for all customers, paying for a payment advance of 0 euro and 30 monthly installments worth 1.99 euros. There is no maximum early withdrawal fee.

The purchase in installments of accessories with Vodafone is permitted by means of the subscription of the named service Easy Telephone or Telephone No Problem, which usually requires payment of 24 o 30 monthly installments, of an initial contribution and a possible maximum early withdrawal fee (charged only in the event of early termination) which decreases by a constant portion as we approach the end of the installment.

The Vodafone customer must also face the payment of the activation fee for the new installment, which amounts to 9.99 euros, regardless of the smartphone chosen, the combined offer signed and the installment conditions. For some already selected CB customers it may increase.

Finally, please note that the prices shown above refer exclusively to the purchase by installments of the products at the Vodafone dealers authorized and do not include the monthly fee of the combined offer.

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