Vodafone, two low cost offers up to 50 Giga for new customers


Vodafone continues its promotional campaign in these final spring days. The English provider, even during the phases of the health emergency, has made available to all subscribers important offers and digital solidarity initiatives. The Vodafone sales team is also engaged in the search for new customers: in these terms, two offers are highlighted for those who make the portability from another operator.

Vodafone, the two promotions up to 50 Giga at reduced costs

The first initiative planned by the English manager is the ever popular one Special 50 Giga. New customers who choose to activate this rate will have unlimited minutes to make calls to all Italian numbers, both fixed and mobile, plus 50 Giga for internet connection under 4G network. The expected cost for the rechargeable is 7.99 euros for all those who perform portability from virtual operators. There is also an activation fee of 10 euros, to be paid only once upon receipt of the SIM.

Speculare is the second initiative of Vodafone, called Special 40 Giga. With this offer, customers will always have at their disposal minutes for phone calls in our country more 40 Giga for the internet. The monthly promotion price is slightly lower: 6.99 euros per month plus 10 euros for activation.

In both cases, there may be differences in monthly costs and contained consumption thresholds, on a regional basis. For example, in some Vodafone stores the two initiatives are from the presence of Unlimited SMS to be sent to all national mobile numbers.

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