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Vodafone has decided to offer its students Vodafone Pass Smart Meeting, to carry out live conferences with the most popular apps without consuming the Giga of the offer.

The Vodafone Pass Smart Meeting joins Social & Chat, Maps, Music is to the Video Pass that offer precisely Unlimited giga in the most popular apps.

Vodafone Pass Smart Meeting follows the same logic: the service allows customers not to consume Giga for video calls with the following Apps: Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Amazon Chime, WeSchool and Slack.

The list of included apps, which is updated on the official website of the red operator, may undergo changes for reasons independent of Vodafone’s will, for example at the explicit request of the developers to participate or not in the initiative.

Navigation is up to 4G with a compatible device and the unlimited Giga on the Apps are however subject to conditions of correct and lawful use.

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In this period of national emergency, Vodafone has decided to offer its free of charge, barring any changes Vodafone Pass Smart Meeting, which will therefore allow all students to take advantage of the free of charge Unlimited gigs on the most popular apps of conferences and video calls for a period of 3 months.

At the end of the free period offered by Vodafone, the Smart Meeting Pass offer will be automatically deactivated and the customer will therefore not incur any costs.

The aim is to accompany Italian students on their learning path in modality e-learning, with the use of digital tools more suited to the study of distance learning, without the risk of consuming the traffic included in its offer.

Activation will be possible for students, directly from the MyVodafone App, free of charge and for 3 months with automatic deactivation at the end.

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