Vodafone, for many users there is a new increase in prices


Still these days on the official social media pages Vodafone follow each other critical messages of users and former customers against a new and unexpected remodeling linked to fixed telephony subscriptions. In fact, many subscribers have been receiving completely unexpected requests for payment from Vodafone for weeks.

Vodafone and its SIM cards: an increase in costs for customers

The British provider, following what is a common strategy for other operators (TIM, for example, has applied a similar measure), has decided to impose a little extra on its SIM cards. All those who have a SIM without an active rechargeable will have to pay for one surcharge of 5 € per month.

The application of this modification of the mobile phone plans led to one result not only for current customers, but also for customers old subscribers. Those who no longer use a Vodafone SIM, without having disabled the network, have received a request for payment from the operator in recent weeks.

The fact is that those who are no longer willing to be a Vodafone customer, today cannot simply not use the SIM card. To avoid any extra expense it is indeed necessary deactivate the net. For greater assistance to all customers, the provider has provided a special section at his call center, to the number 190.

The modification for SIMs, of course, also affects current subscribers. With this unilateral remodeling, Vodafone wants to entice those customers who refer to the basic tariff plan to activate a rechargeable.

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