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News for the estate agents. Are allowed visits to inhabited buildings, in compliance with precautionary and safety measures aimed at avoiding contagion risks from Covid-19.

In fact, a modification has been made to the “Frequently asked questions on the measures adopted by the Government” relating to Phase 2 and in the section “Public businesses and commercial activities”, to the question “Is it possible to carry out an inspection at a property to be purchased or rented? “, it reads:” Yes. However, visits by real estate agents with customers to the houses to be rented or purchased can only take place with the use, by the real estate agent and visitors, of disposable masks and gloves and keeping the interpersonal distance of at least one meter at all times and preferably when the houses are uninhabited “.

So go ahead at visits to inhabited buildings, as long as you respect certain rules:

  • use by the real estate agent and visitors of disposable masks and gloves;
  • keeping the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

The news was welcomed by the National Interassociative Consultancy of Real Estate Intermediation, which in recent days had proposed to the government the modification of the response to the Faq which in fact allowed visits only to uninhabited properties.

As specified in a note of the Consulta, “the government’s correction has made it clear that visits are also allowed to residential buildings obviously in compliance with the precautionary and security measures, now known, aimed at avoiding risks of contagion from Covid-19 (use of mask, disposable gloves and maintenance of interpersonal distance of at least one meter) “.

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