“Virus weakened? Less serious cases for use of masks”


“There is no experimental evidence” that the virus has weakened; “then a virus is not weak, strong, good or bad, a virus is more or less virulent and has a transmission capacity that can be measured. The rest is nonsense. “So Andrea Crisanti, director of Microbiology and Virology – A.O. University of Padua, in connection with Agor√† on Rai3.

“Based on experimental evidence made on large models, it is shown that when a virus enters an ecological niche, which is us, virulence generally increases instead of decreasing – he explains -. The fact that less severe cases are seen today is exclusively due to a decrease in viral load largely due to the use of masks. Because if I use the mask, my interlocutor uses the mask, the amount of virus that we transmit is much lower. Viral load has a gigantic impact on the evolution of the disease. If one becomes infected with many viruses or few, one has a completely different course. ”

hydroxychloroquine as a preventive? “I don’t take it and I think all people with common sense shouldn’t take it. There is no evidence that it has a preventive effect,” the scientist explains.

On reopening of schools “Perhaps small experiments could have been done, small openings to see how it was possible to manage this situation; no one can program by writing rules and predict how it will be. Perhaps the best thing would be to experiment”, explains Crisanti, who continues: “THE children from 1 to 10 years represent the age group most resistant to the disease, it is difficult to find positive children; if they are positive, they remain so for a very short time, a maximum day, they show no symptoms; in most cases it is very rare to find children who get sick, “he says.

“On the other hand, children do not have the awareness of the social distancing so clearly they frequently come into contact with each other, plus there is the problem of who brings them to school and picks them up and these are sources of assembly: surely this is a situation that favors contagion “, he underlines.

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