Virus, 33,300 deaths in Latin America – Latin America


(ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, MAY 21 – On the decisive push of the
Brazil, which is about to contend with Russia for the role of
second country by number of infections after the United States, the
Coronavirus pandemic registered today in Latin America
606,271 infected, 33,386 of whom died because of the
coronavirus. This is what emerges from an elaborate statistic
by ANSA on the basis of data released on 34 countries and
Latin American territories.
   With nearly 20,000 new cases from the latest report released
by health authorities, Brazil currently registers
291,579 infections, of which 18,859 entered the calculation of the dead.

Peru follows, with 104,020 infected and 3,024 dead,
and then Mexico (54,346 and 5,666).
   In the ranking with more than 5,000 infections, they are positioned
then Chile (53,617 and 544), Ecuador (34,854 and 2,888), Colombia
(117,687 and 630), Dominican Republic (13,477 and 446), Panama
(9,867 and 281) and Argentina (8,809 and 394).


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