Virgin Orbit tries it, launching satellite tests from a 747 Cosmic Girl aircraft


Virgin Galactic is not only working together with NASA to develop supersonic jets, in fact, the famous company founded by Richard Branson today plans a test that aims to demonstrate how in the future it will be possible send small satellites into orbit, without too much difficulty.

The idea is of use a 747 Cosmic Girl as a mother medium (after appropriate modifications made in these years) for the launch of satellites to be sent in low orbit, thanks to the use of the space launcher system known as the Launcher One.

The test mission will take place tonight, within a launch window between 19 and 21 according to our time zone. No media coverage with direct streaming, but the company will update its Twitter profile in real time, covering every single information and reporting all the current news. The launch was originally scheduled for Sunday, but a sensor problem forced the company to postpone earlier this week.

The launcher will be placed under the left wing, after taking off from the Mojave Air and Space Port the plane will head west over the Pacific Ocean and then turn south. At a slightly lower altitude at 11,000 meters, Cosmic Girl will fly upwards, raising its muzzle and releasing LauncherOne. A few seconds later, the rocket’s booster stage will light up and the rocket will point upward into the sky. The rocket will then proceed to accelerate up to a speed of 29,000 km / h to subsequently reach a stable orbit around the Earth.

If all goes well, a small test payload will end up in orbit. Appointment tonight for the most curious, in SOURCE you will find the link to the official Twitter page with all the updates in real time.

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