Vincenzo de Luca is a perfect Super Mario in this amateur game with pizza and masks –


The president of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca has become the protagonist of a new one amateur video game in which he plays the role of a novello Super Mario, in a hilarious endless runner.

Written by Luigi Sannino of Digilab Software, DeLucaRun, this is the title of the game, sees De Luca wearing the pot-bellied clothes of a clone at Mario’s amatriciana and running along the promenade of Naples in search of precious masks to be worn by his fellow citizens. On his way pizza-shaped platforms to jump on, runners to avoid and Giuseppe Conte, the current Prime Minister, to jump over. The most insidious enemy, however, are the balls with the face of Vittorio Feltri, really difficult to avoid.

Also noteworthy is the audio part that reproduces some of the funniest phrases of the governor De Luca and that allow us to listen to a beautiful piece of the Neapolitan tradition. Of course DeLucaRun should be taken for what it is: a game satirical made to comment on the current national political situation, as well as a decidedly over the top political figure.

DeLucaRun is not the first De Luca-themed indie video game. Some time ago we saw him fight the graduation parties in a clone of Space Invaders.

To play DeLucaRun

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