Vincenzo De Luca faces opponents … in a video game


Luigi Sannino of Digilab Software thought about it, creating De Luca Run, a video game with Vincenzo De Luca as the protagonist, dressed in a dungaree reminiscent of Super Mario. It is an Endless Runner, a platform game that sees the protagonist automatically run to the right, while the player simply has to jump to avoid lethal obstacles. Runners, politicians, journalists they represent the “enemy”, while De Luca can count on some pizzas (strictly Neapolitan!) to achieve the goal of the game, the masks.

The aim, in fact, is to collect as many as possible before a Giuseppe Conte or Vittorio Feltri intervene to end the game, touching the protagonist.

Given the verve of the Neapolitan politician, we think the game lacks a chance of attack: seeing him capitulate at the simple touch of an unruly runner seems just outside the character. Perhaps the author could insert, remembering Donkey Kong, a nice hammer. Hoping that Luigi Sannino welcomes our suggestion, you can have fun jumping in De Luca’s shoes by clicking on this link.

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