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Arturo Vidal, to Antonio With you, really like it. He enhanced it at Juve, tried to bring it to Chelsea, now he would like it with him atInter. And the Nerazzurri are trying to please their coach, despite the fact that the road is not easy: split from the deal Lautaro Martinez, Marotta is aid they are trying to talk to the footballer’s entourage, willing to ascertain the Inter court, but under certain conditions. INTER CONDITIONS – For Inter it was a priority in January, before going strongly on Christian Eriksen. Now, with the Danish, with Sensi to redeem, Stretcher untouchable and the assault ready to grab Tonali, is not an absolute priority: objective yes, but under certain conditions, comfortable for the Nerazzurri. Also because Vidal has just turned 33 …

VIDAL CONDITIONS – For its part, Arturo Vidal has very clear ideas. He wants to play to win the Champions League, trophy missing on the bulletin board. He won in Italy, Germany and Spain, but the cup with the big ears is missing. His entourage said so: “Where could he have the best chance to win it? Next to the bigger ones”. Which means next to Messiobviously (and in fact the permanence is not to be excluded), or in a team built to aspire to win it. Here, then, is the message to Inter: an Inter from Champions. With Marotta who, as evidenced by the arrivals of Lukaku, Godin and Eriksen, works precisely for that.

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