Vicenza, does not tell his future wife his past on the far right: she discovers it and cancels the wedding. Ordered to pay the costs


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Galeotta was thepolitical affiliation of the promised spouse. When Laura found out that the man she was supposed to be with convolare a few months later, twenty years earlier, he had joined a group of extreme right, he decided – albeit painfully – that it was not for her. And that he could not join for the life with a person who had even been denounced (but later acquitted) for the beating of two gay guys. That past that he had not confessed to her was just not able to accept it. For this, while the Preparation of the marriage continued, she matured the great refusal. The problem is that he told her about ten days before the ceremony, when he had already made a commitment to pay restaurant, flowers, favors and to prepare the house that should have been theirs love nest.

After 3 years the judges of the Court of Bologna have accepted the man’s request, condemning the missing bride to compensate him with 30 thousand euros, as told first by the Vicenza newspaper. The protagonist of this story is Laura, 31 years old, from Vicenza, active in some movements for the protection of human rights. The appeal was filed by her ex-boyfriend, Andrea, 40, who had mentioned it for the marriage went up in smoke in June 2017. Their relationship started in 2014 when they met casually on a ferry who took them on vacation in Sardinia. It had been love. He had a past from military, but he was a worker, as well as the instructor of athletics. Laura, however, carried out activities in the e-commerce and dealt with beauty products. About 6 months before the wedding the girl had been intrigued by some photographs of the fiance and some documents. But his curiosity had turned into anger, because he had discovered that about twenty years earlier on fiance manifested sympathies of extreme right and ended up in judicial trouble over the assault of two gay boys. The complaint, which also involved some of his friends, however, had been archived. Although he had come out of the affair with his head held high, he had not spoken to him Laura. And the girl had not confessed to Andrea what she had discovered on his account.

For this reason she had entered a crisis, delegating to him the preparatory phase of the marriage. Not if she had felt like telling him that she no longer wanted to marry him except when there were about ten days left ceremony. His justification according to which they were old, outdated things that dated back to the useless was useless youth. “I don’t see those people anymore and I didn’t do anything to those two gay boys” he justified himself with girlfriend. But the latter had not changed her mind. Indeed, in a letter he had written that his decision had been taken a few months earlier, but had not found the courage to tell them. Marriage in smoke, expenses to be paid. This is why Andrea turned to judges asking for reimbursement of expenses incurred. The judges gave him reason even though they reduced the sum, but also calculating damage for the loss of chance suffered by the boyfriend, abandoned when it was practically everything ready.

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