Venice, rust ruins the party for the Mose test: 21 gates damaged in Treporti due to lack of maintenance


The sluice gates of the Mose, at the port mouth of Treporti, were put in the water as far back as 2013, with an outline of authorities and ministers who applauded the great work destined to save Venice. Since then they have always remained there, without the fact that it was made maintenance (scheduled every five years) and therefore have been attacked by rust. The discovery, as reported by the newspaper New Venice is a few days ago and is yet another demonstration, if needed, of how many anomalies and malfunctions are destined to accompany the not yet completed Mose, if only because the endless jobs they compromise artifacts and mechanical parts scattered over a long period of time. Just think that the laying of the foundation stone of the construction sites dates back to 2003 and since then, amid scandals, commissioner, lack of money, have passed 17 years.

The discovery of the rust that is being eaten in the sluice gates in Treporti is a few days ago. The external protection composed of one special paint, evidently because of the tides and of corrosion by saline water. Some have ascertained this divers during an underwater inspection. They noticed the rust spots on the submerged surface that affects all 21 sluice gates installed at the port mouth. These are the artifacts first created by the company Mantovani by Piergiorgio Baita, then overwhelmed by the scandal of the bribes paid to politicians and statesmen by the engineer Giovanni Mazzacurati and by the companies holding the concession. The other more recent sluice gates were built by other companies.

The rust that affects Mose has been talked about for at least three years. It was discovered on the hinges that raise the sluice gates, to the point that i Commissioners they have launched an international tender to study how to solve the problem. In 2018 one technical report underlined the importance of maintenance and the lack of protective treatment, which should be replaced by more effective techniques, but expensive. Last year the commissioners banned one tender of 18 million euros for maintenance, but interventions have not yet started due to the appeals by excluded firms (Brodosplit and Fincantieri) against the winner Cimolai. In addition to rust on sluice gates and hinges there is also the sand which jammed the lifting mechanisms of some of the 78 sluice gates divided into four parts.

The discovery of the new rust problems has somehow ruined the party for the double lifting of the barriers a Malamocco is Chioggia. Since the control system from theArsenal, the connections guaranteed by the radio link Army. The general operated the button Giuseppe Nicola Tota. “The delivery date of the Mose is confirmed for December 31, 2021, but the reformulation of the work schedule and the preparation by the summer of the procedures for lifting the system, in which the tide heights will be set at which it will be possible to authorize the lifting of the sluice gates, will make it possible protect Venice from high water as early as next autumn, “said the special commissioner Elizabeth Spitz. The test involved the 37 sluice gates of Chioggia and Malamocco, at the end of June all 78 barriers will be lifted simultaneously.

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