Veneto region covid free The one and a half billion plan project to help businesses


Luca Zaia live today for the usual press conference that takes stock of the coronavirus in Veneto. Here are the topics addressed by the President of the Region. Two very important announcements from the governor: the intent to make the Veneto a covid free region and the economic plan of a billion and a half to counter the economic crisis triggered by the closures for the virus, and destined for small medium enterprises.

Zaia live, what he said today

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The bulletin
616,000 swabs are made, 19,113 (+8) positive compared to yesterday, means that the infection is below one per thousand, (to be precise, we are 0.7 per thousand), and therefore the infection is plummeting. There are 2,245 people in isolation, 439 are hospitalized, 36 are in intensive care (9 of them positive), 3,318 have been discharged (since yesterday 16), 1,895 died (+9 compared to yesterday), 91 born … (READ ALL )

Usl: «The coronavirus is clinically extinguished. Positive 1 per thousand »

Spa, ordinance on the way

«We have the guidelines ready spa, we will make anorder to fix this circuit which is a sector that enriches the turnover of Veneto tourism “. This was announced by regional president Luca Zaia.

Rapid tests for those who work in tourism?

Do the test to tourists, if they were a thousand it would be an account, but with Veneto numbers it is impossible. Test to facility staff? We are evaluating it but with a whole series of perplexities, because the test is a snapshot, taken a month ago, not worth a month later. We are still working on a covid free region project.

Veneto region covid free

“We are thinking about a whole series of measures that give us a real-time glimpse of what is happening in the area regarding coronavirus contagion,” explained President Zaia. «We aim to be Covid free region. We understood – he pointed out – that the employee test is a good deterrent, but from the epidemiological point of view it is little. We have a whole series of measures, from tracing the contacts, to increasing the potential of our biosurveillance dashboard, the isolations, which give us a picture of what is happening in the area. We add other elements that certify that the Region has the situation in hand. We could also put the whole theme of the guidelines, so as to communicate them to tourists, who know that we are organized to protect them from the virus “, concluded Zaia.

Summer centres

Confirmed theopening for the first of June. “I confirm – he added – that for summer camps the opening is on June 1st, we go on. If the government adopted our guidelines for 0-3 we would have the opportunity to open immediately from Monday, as long as the guidelines validate, other regions have plans for June 8th. We do not want to tie the reopening to bureaucratic aspects, guidelines and that’s it. Let’s help families who are unjustly in great difficulty, “he concluded. Summer camps ready to open, from triage to entrance, to meals in the canteen: here are the new rules


«I believe it legitimate that the political forces express their understanding on the convening of the ballot boxes, in the middle of the election campaigns, and it is legitimate for the secretary to ask himself the problem. More serious that someone does not want to go to vote ». This was confirmed by the president of the Venetian Luca Zaia. “In the records – he continued – there is a law with a window in autumn-winter 2020, and there is already a prediction in the text that we can go to 2021. If it seems normal to you … we take note of it. Rather, it is incorrect to say that the agreement was made with the assent of the Regions, the Conference did well – concluded Zaia – to specify that the agreement was never given ».Lorenzoni-Crisanti-Zaia: the candidate professor?
Lorenzoni launched Andrea Crisanti’s candidacy for the regional elections. In what relationships is the president with the professor? “My relationship with Crisanti is excellent, I don’t know what relationship Lorenzoni has with him,” Zaia replied. Lorenzoni: «Anti-Zaia Chrysants? I’d be happy”. But then the center-left candidate brakes: “I don’t abdicate”

Maritime operators at the press conference
“Without schei not if he lives and not if he is magna”, they wrote in a letter to the Region, “the only thing I can do – said Zaia – is to speak with the director of INPS to see if it can be helped. ».

Crisis: one and a half billion plan

Councilor Roberto Marcato is Gianluca Forcolin, productive activities and budget: what is Veneto doing to combat the crisis? «Today we are presenting a project of a billion and a half euros, ours, to be handled on businesses. To help the business world, ”explained the governor before giving the guests the floor.

Roberto Marcato, financing for SMEs
«We cannot compare our plan to regions with autonomous status, or others in which EU funds have not been used … We would like to intercept the areas in greatest difficulty. The plan comes from the close collaboration between the parties, it comes from specific needs of the area. We talk about grants and loans. THE recipients they are the small medium enterprises industry, handicraft, freelancers ».

The numbers
320 million euro of regional budget
270 resources from third parties: banks, businesses, government

How to access the funds?
«To access the grants you will go through a notice that will be published on the website of the Region, the first by June 15, the others later. For access to credit, look at Veneto Sviluppo and then enter into a bank agreement ». “Here we test the Veneto banking system,” said Roberto Marcato.

Gianluca Forcolin, a job that started immediately
«The economic issue today is fundamental, in these months the fatot work has been a lot: We started immediately with the change in the budget linked to health and social care. The second was to assign resources to Veneto Sviluppo. Resources assigned also for the IGC, for those who had not been considered by the national standard (7 million euros made available), then we managed the European funds ».

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