Valentino Rossi: ‘Withdrawal now with Covid would be easier’ – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Valentino on English TV: “Leaving the pandemic without fans and friends around would weigh less. The last weekend will be tough. I will go to Petronas if I know I can fight to win “

“If I go to Petronas it won’t be for a farewell tour or say hi. It will be to make competitive results. Of course, the day I say stop I don’t expect anything nice or positive, just a great sadness. ” Valentino Rossi has arrived at the crossroads. The nine-time world champion must decide whether to switch to Yamaha satellite or say stop and he spoke about it on BT English TV, admitting that despite having the desire to race, while already having in mind to enjoy life after the bikes, he also knows that when he will stop he will not be at all well.

Covid scenario

“I will only go to Petronas if I know I am competitive – he said – if I can fight to win races and for the podium. Of course if I had to retire in this pandemic situation from Covid there would also be a good side. When I stop, it will be a very sad day for me personally, I don’t see anything good, I don’t expect anything positive, I only expect a great sadness, a bad feeling. So if I retired now, without fans or people around it would be much easier. If I continue, it will be because I will be competitive, because I will be able to try to win races and fight for the podium. “

The last weekend

Then when asked if the withdrawal scares him, Rossi replied: “Fear is not the right paola – he replied – but when I present myself for the last race of the last weekend it will be a very hard approach, difficult to accept because I love the ran and this has been my life for more than 20 years. But I’m not afraid, I discovered in this lockdown period with my family that you can feel good for a long time even without a bike, I will be happy anyway “.

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