Valentina Autiero unleashed for Sirius


In today’s anticipations of Men and Women, we will see new clashes and heated controversies. Valentina Autiero “warms up” for Sirius, while Sami Hassan

Men and women ready to go on air again: appointment today, Monday 25 May, at 2.40 pm on Canale 5. Maria De Filippi will have some nice cats to peel even today. The undisputed protagonists of the episode will be Sirius, aka Nicola Vivarelli, on the one hand together with Valentina Autiero, is Sammy Hassan on the other, with Giovanna Abate.

According to what was anticipated by Wittytv, dedicated portal of Maria De Filippi’s programs, today’s episode of Men and women will see the center of the study once again at Sirius, but without Gemma. The boy is in fact engaged in the acquaintance with three beautiful girls who showed up to get to know him, in the hope of distracting him from the Turin lady.

The three girls are young, so the same Tina Cipollari he immediately points out that there is no story for them: Sirius likes grandmothers.

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While the girls are showing up, Valentina Autiero, who in recent weeks had shown some interest in Nicola Vivarelli, is the devil at four and, standing up, begins to scream at one of the three suitors

I am great for you and all the other twenty-year-olds


As already anticipated by Cipollari, Sirius doesn’t seem interested in newcomers at all, so much so that the opinionist asks him the question:

But what does she give you that the other thirty-year-olds haven’t given you?

The reference is obviously to Gemma, who is 45 years older than Nicola.

In the end, when it comes to dancing, as in the last episode, the boy will not do it with his lady: the previous time, invited by Queen Mary, she danced with Pamela Barretta, visibly shaken after yet another “wrong” made by her ex, who did not even want to appear in the studio, this time, however, she allows herself four “moves” together with Valentina.

Gemma’s expression is a whole program … to say that she is annoyed is to say little.

Giovanne and Sammy: new confrontation on


Here comes the time for Giovanna Abate: in front of her, in the center of the study, two red chairs. On one of these it sits Sammy Hassan. Their meeting is far from “peaceful”. The two immediately start to fight and he scolds her: “When you are the first who preaches good and scratches badly“. Giovanna buffa, you laugh. “If you have your doubts in your head, keep them,” Hassan continues, “but don’t break my co … if I have them too”. The tronista is heartbroken.

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