Val Pusteria, eagle killed while hatching in its nest


A dry shot, shot from hundreds of meters away. A poacher thus struck an eagle in his nest in Val Pusteria, just days after another had been killed in the Sibillini Mountains (the animal is shown by rescuers, in the photo above taken by Thomas Clementi). These are the last episodes of poaching in Italy. A phenomenon that never stops and that indeed, with the recent lockdown, has taken advantage of the lower controls to strike again, in an Italian context in which it is estimated that every year over seven million wild birds killed.

Thus continues the attack on the Italian population of golden eagle, present both in the Alps and in the Apennines, and which today counts between 622 and 724 couples with a state of conservation which Lipu classifies as “inadequate”, due to the contraction and habitat reduction. The killing of even a single specimen, as well as being unacceptable in itself, can therefore have serious repercussions on the conservation of this bird of prey. The announcement of the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa of the imminent presentation of the new anti-poaching regulations in the Environmental Associate – declares Michele Mendi, of the Governing Council of Lipu-BirdLife Italy – a very positive fact but must deal with gravity and urgency of the matter. For this reason, we ask the government to speed up operations and equip the country with stronger deterrent tools than the current ones. Within a few months we must have tough sanctions and tighter controls, without which we risk losing the battle for environmental legality.

The campaign against poaching

Precisely for these reasons, the Stop poaching campaign continues with which Lipu, in the context of the international campaign against poaching #FlightforSurvival and supported by the Life Against bird crime project, asks precisely the Government and Parliament to intervene immediately with a bill against poaching, by providing for more severe penalties and related to the illicit revenues that can be drawn from them and the damage caused to biodiversity, as well as a strengthening of police controls, also with the restoration of the hunting surveillance functions of the provincial police. Lipu also requests that the hunting institutes be held liable for poaching: where hunting of protected species occurs, suspended hunting activities occur. A rule that would revolutionize the current scenario by empowering local actors and giving a serious blow, from below, to illegal activities.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 4:58 pm)


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