users who criticize the game have a very specific purpose


In recent times you have almost certainly noticed how The Last of Us Part 2, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, has made quite a lot of enemies because of Ellie.

As often happens on the web, small but noisy user groups have made the big voice by expressing their dissent towards the character of Ellie, incredibly well characterized but at the same time distant from the canons to which we have been accustomed over the years. The young girl was not attacked for her sexual preferences, but also for her physicality: Ellie is not a sexy bomb and as we could already see in the very first trailers of the game she has a muscular physique and with few forms. All this does not seem to go well with what according to a Gamesindustry article could be compared to a sort of “protection racket”. Yes, because these accusations do not simply aim to target the publisher or developers (remember the death threats to Neil Druckmann, game director of TLOU2) but also to create precedents with the aim of discouraging such an approach to the world of video games, usually typical only of independent teams.

Fortunately, the message that Naughty Dog is launching these days is more than positive and shows how software houses used to working in a certain way will not be impressed by this particularly annoying slice of users.

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