Use, record unemployed. New York reopens last


New York Over 38.6 million jobless Americans in nine weeks. The economic catastrophe caused by the coronavirus in the United States continues to worsen, where another 2.4 million people applied for unemployment benefits last week. Although it is the lowest number since March 15, the situation remains bleak: all the jobs created in the last decade have been wiped out, and unemployment has reached levels never recorded since the Great Depression. “Together we built the largest economy in history, we will do it again, much better than before,” President Donald Trump assured on Twitter.

In the meantime, however, as the Wall Street Journal reports citing data from the reporting company TransUnion, millions of Americans are lagging behind with credit card payments and car installments. In particular, in April, 15 million credit cards were registered in the programs for «financial difficulties», where payments are temporarily interrupted, a percentage which represents 3% of those tracked by the company. The same happened for 3 million people who did not pay the car installments (equal to about 3.5% of those monitored). Meanwhile, America gradually begins to emerge from the pandemic freeze, with all 50 states beginning to reopen, at least in part, after more than two months of lockdown. The loosening of restrictions is taking place like a leopard, and among the states with the most restrictive measures still in force there is that of New York, although deaths, cases and hospitalizations are all in constant decline: the governor Andrew Cuomo has established seven parameters to be respected in the various regions of the Empire State for the restart, and in the Big Apple, for example, nothing is expected to reopen until late June. Trump, for his part, visited yesterday at a Ford plant in Rawsonville, Michigan, which during the emergency was converted to respirator production. Terry Bowman, an employee who usually produces truck transmission oil pumps at the Ypsilanti Township plant and is now working on the project, said: “I couldn’t be more proud of my colleagues, they could have stayed at home and instead decided voluntarily to work on this plan in the midst of the pandemic. ” Before the visit, the state attorney general, Democrat Dana Nessel, asked the president in an open letter to wear the protective mask on his tour of the company, threatening that otherwise in the future he will be asked not to return to any local facility. . “Anyone who has recently been potentially exposed, including the President of the United States – he wrote – has not only legal but also social and moral responsibility to take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19”.

Meanwhile, a Columbia University study cited by the New York Times revealed that if the US started imposing social spacing measures and the lockdown a week earlier, in March, 36,000 fewer people would die from the virus. If the same measures had started two weeks earlier, there would have been about 54,000 lives saved. “It’s a big difference,” said Columbia epidemiologist Jeffrey Shaman, who led the research. “A small amount of time at that stage would have been crucial in reducing the number of deaths.” Trump branded the research as “a political move.”

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