USB stick and anti-5G pendants: online sellers chasing gullible


A USB flash drive and a series of accessories to wear, such as pendants and bracelets. These are some of the products that, both in Italy and abroad, are sold online to protect against electrosmog and, in particular, 5G networks.

The idea of ​​these products is simple: worn or inserted into the computer they can prevent electromagnetic fields from affecting the body. Let’s get to the point: they are products with flocks, tinsel that are useless and that have no effect on electromagnetic fields.

A banal 128 MB USB stick sold for £ 340

The USB flash drive has a very high-sounding name: 5GBioShield. The official website offers it as a simple and convenient remedy against 5G electromagnetic fields: just insert it into the computer to immediately find the beneficial effects.
The BBC asked third party companies to carry out checks. The result? It is a common USB flash drive. The only difference is a white circular adhesive glued on the surface of the key which serves no purpose. On the other hand, a decidedly inexpensive key, because it offers 128 MB of storage space. Still, it is offered at around £ 340.

The sticker glued on the USB stick “5GBioShield” is what it looks like: a common sticker (Credits: Pen Test Partners)

Now, we are not 5G quantum experts, but this adhesive seems exactly identical to the one available in stationery stores in handfuls for a few cents each“said Ken Munro ironically of Pen Test Partners, a company specializing in identifying security flaws in electronic products.

It is no coincidence that we talk about it in the United Kingdom: several weeks ago in some cities several 5G antennas were set on fire, due to the many hoaxes that linked the technology to the spread of coronavirus.

Bracelets and pendants to protect against electrosmog

The second example is Italian: GeoLam sells wearable bracelets and pendants that, according to promises, allow you to protect yourself against electrosmog. The seller promises to wear such jewelry “significantly reduces the most frequent problems caused by electrosmog such as stress, fatigue, migraines, sleep and digestive disordersIndeed, the use of bracelets and pendants would improve the quality of the foods and drinks that are taken orally, thanks to the benefits of the biomagnet.

The main page of the site, in fact, immediately refers to 5G as, according to the seller, they would be a serious health risk.

The references to 5G on the home page of the GeoLam website.

Notwithstanding that deleterious effects of electromagnetic fields on the body have never been demonstrated and this also applies to 5G, the Authority for Competition and Market has prepared a measure against the site because the same seller proposed anti-COVID wearable accessories 19. On the site, the Antitrust note reads, “the aforementioned products are advertised and sold, deceptively defined as ‘parapharmaceuticals’ and whose ‘anti Covid-19’ effects boast, also promising benefits to the immune system and respiratory process.

Here is the scientific truth of dr. Polichetti (ISS): “5G doesn’t hurt, no evidence”

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These benefits, again according to the AGCM, “they do not have any scientific experimentation and validation process at the basis“. The Authority also defined how to promote these products”deceptive and aggressive“requesting the removal of the pages of the products involved.

Hard to believe,
consequently, that products labeled “anti-electrosmog” can produce
actually beneficial to the body. Notwithstanding that no harmful effect
electromagnetic fields have never been proven.

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