USB anti-5G for 300 euros, but they are simple 128 MB sticks


One is for sale on a website USB pendrive which – according to the seller – has the ability to “protect” people from technology 5G. A company specializing in safety has purchased this product, with a cost ranging from 310 to 360 euros, to analyze its content. What is passed off as an innovative product with the “quantum holographic catalyst technology”Is actually a simple one 128 MB USB flash drive, which is available in shops for a few euros, with a label stuck.

Apparently, those who marketed this stick did nothing but exploit the widespread fear towards 5G – which various studies have shown to be unfounded – to sell a product that does not actually exist. Over the past few months, more and more people believe that fifth generation technology can somehow, cause damage physical, even if the experts do not agree. The Higher Institute of Health, in March 2019, said:

With the antennas used, the potential dangers are even more remote than those connected to the use of the mobile phone.

Perhaps out of fear of progress or because influenced by others, some Brits also destroyed some antennas that allowed users to take advantage of the speed offered by the new technology. Colleagues from BBC News have contacted i owners of the website where the “anti-5G keys” are sold, asking for explanations about this product. A manager’s response was as follows:

We have a great deal of technical information, with numerous historical supporting research. Regarding the cost analysis, I believe that, due to the lack of in-depth information, you will not be able to calculate our expenses and production costs, including the cost of intellectual property.

In any case, as reported The Verge, a security company found no trace of this phantom technology used. In the meantime, some are also starting to talk about 6G.

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