Usa, fatal pool party: a positive at Covid-19!


A party held in the United States proved fatal to a person who is now infected. The rest of the group is now in danger

USA pool party (photo from the web)

In the United States of America a pool party it was fatal to one of the members of the group. The decision to loosen the rules in the decree gave the citizens of Missouri the opportunity to carve out some free space for thesocial interaction at close range.

The participants of the event regardless of coronavirus danger, whose weight in the state of the Atlantic coast is still quite significant, spent many hours of the day doing assembly without health precautions.

Days after that event, the taske force US announced the Covid-19 positivity of one of hundreds of people.

Most of the group of participants ignored the rules of spacing and now is in trouble. Political bodies have identified a large group of representatives thanks to a video taken live by one of the local journalists, who was not indifferent to it and reported the incident with a post on Twitter.

The journalist’s shot produced an impressive number of views, thus reaching out to police that has identified and reported every single face of that party that took place inside Lake Ozarks, Missouri.

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Premier Conte: “It’s not time for parties and nightlife”

swimming pool covid-19
Giuseppe Conte – Getty Images

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during the emergency report COVID-19 spoke to Room also turning a appeal to the Italians. According to the premier, if the worst is now behind it is due to respect for the standards by citizens who, however, now must not let down their guard. Conte reiterated that during this phase it is very important to respect the distances and avoid opportunities that can create gatherings, like the feasts.

During his speech, the Prime Minister also announced the start of the serological tests which will start free of charge in the next few days.

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swimming pool covid-19
tourism holidays (photos from the web)

As for the economic crisis, Conte spoke of the measures that will be taken to try to help him entrepreneurs in difficulty. These also include those planned for tourism sector.

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