Usa, anger explodes over the death of George Floyd: the police station devastated in Minneapolis


In Minneapolis, anger over the death of George Floyd mounts, the 46-year-old African American suffocated by some police officers during a check. Explodes in third day of protests and expands to other cities in the United States.

Local media reports of devastated shopping malls, burning cars, tear-flooded streets and suspended public links. THE protesters, in Minneapolis, they also managed to enter the commissariat of the former agents involved in Floyd’s death, shattering the windows, vandalizing the offices and setting fire to part of the building. The latter was evacuated for safety, after officers fired some rubber bullets at the demonstrators. Other buildings in the area have been vandalized by setting fires.

A procession marched into the city center demanding justice and chanting slogans against the police and Donald Trump. Not far from the place where Floyd was suffocated, a group of troublemakers attempted to storm a mall but was repelled by police tear gas. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey declared the local emergency, asking for help from the state, to restore “order and calm”.

But protests have also exploded in many other cities in America, including New York Oakland, California, and Denver, Colorado. Procession and sit in also in Chicago and San Francisco.

In the Big Apple hundreds of people took to the streets in Manhattan to protest George Floyd’s death and express his anger at police violence against African Americans. At least 30 people have been arrested. Moments of tension around City Hall, the town hall, where there was a throw of bottles and other objects towards the agents. One protester was arrested for possessing weapons, others for throwing garbage buckets into the street and blocking circulation.

The state capitol lockdown took place in Denver, Colorado, the state assembly, after several gunshots were fired while a demonstration was underway to protest the death of George Folyd, in Minneapolis, at the hands of the police. The situation is tense and many demonstrators have blocked some of the city’s roads.

To overheat the climate of confrontation we add the news on the front of the investigations against the former policemen involved in the case. The four have decided not to collaborate with investigators, making use of the right not to answeris. At the moment, no charges have been issued for the fired agents. The FBI has also intervened in the investigation, which is viewing all the available videos related to the detention: George Floyd was unarmed and handcuffed with his face on the ground when the agent put his knee on his neck, killing him, despite shouting that he he could no longer breathe.

Floyde’s is just “the latest in a long list of kills of unarmed African Americans”, to put it in the words of theUN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet who listing some of the recent victims, from Breonna Taylor to Eric Garner, asks – in a appeal to the United States – to stop the killings of African Americans by the police.

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