US President Donald Trump- Twitter threatens to say goodbye: Steve Kerr’s response


The President of the United States, one of the most influential and assiduous frequenters of social networks among prominent political figures and not only, has launched a challenge and started a personal battle against Twitter – enough to induce him to change US laws and threaten the closure of his account, sparking the hilarity of the Golden State Warriors coach
There has never been good blood between the NBA and Donald Trump and the controversy of the last few weeks regarding the management of the coronavirus emergency, the spread of fake news, the violence of the police on the street and the elections of next autumn now upon us have not made nothing but heighten an ill-concealed clash on both sides. In a dramatic health, economic and social situation for the United States, the main concern of the President of the United States at the moment is another: Twitter, the social network through which Trump literally communicates his every mood to the world (he starts from the morning at 6 watching Fox News, until the evening after dinner when he reports on the challenges that his “opponents” have launched during the day). A diatribe triggered by the decision by the managers of the social network to introduce a new feature: a report to be inserted clearly visible to users within the tweets which, according to the judgment of those who regulate the publication on Twitter, contains real news. In short, a first step to try to moderate the spread of the “Fake News” shouted and promoted for some time by Trump himself. It is a pity that to end up under the magnifying glass of Twitter, a chirping of the US president ended: “There is no way that elections made by mail are not fraudulent and do not present illegally marked cards, stealing from mailboxes “and then assuming other potential crimes. A message branded from Twitter as a fake, so much so as to add an exclamation point on which to click to “know the facts about voting by mail”. A provocation that Trump has not digested.

The “offending” message complete with a caption and a report from Twitter

The executive order against social networks and the threat of abandoning Twitter

In fact, voting by post is one of the main topics of discussion in the American political debate: with the November elections, in fact, many proposed to use that type of vote to avoid gatherings and queues at the polling stations – avoiding such a massive mobilization and made problematic due to the spread of the coronavirus. Interfering on such a topic for Trump is therefore a way to influence political elections: “Twitter says my words about post-vote corruption are incorrect, based on studies and fact-checking done by CNN and by “Amazon” Washington Post[[Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, owns both]This means having renounced freedom of opinion and I will not allow that to happen. ” A threat which was also followed by legislative actions: the US president has signed an executive order with the aim of reducing the protection enjoyed by social networks (and not just them) with respect to the content published by users on their platforms. According to what has been defined: “The 26 words that have changed the Internet”, unlike the newspapers that I respond directly to what is written on their sites, social networks are not legally responsible for the content that users post. According to Trump, therefore, they cannot claim the right to decide what can or cannot be saidotherwise they should be treated like newspapers if they did. A debate that the President of the United States has chosen to carry on in his own way: attacking Twitter via Twitter – without receiving any kind of censorship, among other things – and threatening several times to close his account. Words that sparked the laughter of Steve Kerr, often en route and in personal conflict with Trump, who responded laughingly in the face of yet another over-the-top expression.

The last battleground: the “violent” words on the George Floyd case

In the United States, set on fire by the revolts of African Americans and minorities in general, the killing of George Floyd – suffocated during the arrest by the Minneapolis police, in front of the incredulous gaze and the cell phone cameras, is to be discussed who spread those images of unheard of crudeness. A hot front is that of racial discrimination, especially in view of the November vote. Trump therefore intervened and also commented on Twitter, asking for clarification immediately, for the guilty to be punished, but at the same time threatening all the people who took to the streets to protest. In Minneapolis the situation has in fact risked several times to escape the control of the authorities, with looting, fires and clashes which led to the killing of two men involved in the protests. Hard words that Twitter decided to report with a warning: “This Tweet violated Twitter’s rules on exalting violence. However, we have decided not to obscure it as it may be in the public interest“. Those who then scroll along the (populated) feed and on the bulletin board of President Trump, find this notice, correlated by a “Find out more” and only by clicking on it can see the message in which it promises to send the army to the streets of Minnesota . Another way to filter messages deemed dangerous by the platform, the new front of a clash that will most likely not end there. And that in the future could continue to make people laugh not just Steve Kerr.

The message that appears on Donald Trump’s personal profile in correspondence with the message about the protests following the death of George Floyd, shown below

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