US-China cold war, what if coronavirus was a star and strip product?


Since the beginning of the pandemic, I argued – it will be remembered – that what was happening, beyond the narration of the bat, asked to be read and interpreted within the framework of the new Cold War between China and the US: war that Sunday 24 May was openly admitted, finally, by China itself officially. In short, on one floor stricto sensu geopolitical, we can say that Covid-19 – whatever its real origin – arrives in the middle of a new Cold War, which only now is openly recognized, but which, indeed, was in place for some time.

To support this reading are, as we know, the not at all relaxed relations that had arisen between the two countries well before the Covid-19 emergency: which increasingly appears to be itself a moment of that “Cold War” more than a temporary setback. Just think of the war for “5G” and the business Huawei. It should not be overlooked that on November 28, 2019 Trump signs and promulgates the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act “, to support the anti-Chinese protests that flared up in Hong Kong. China reacts without hesitation: it does so by summoning the US ambassador and urging him not to apply the law, since the Hong Kong issue is internal to China and, therefore, within its exclusive competence. Furthermore, the US accuses China: on February 17, a Chinese destroyer would have aimed a laser at an American Poseidon P-8A reconnaissance aircraft in the Pacific in order to disturb its operations. The episode would have occurred 600 kilometers from the island of guam, not far from the Philippines.

The Cold War unfolded in the course of the Covid-19 emergency, declared “pandemic” by the WHO on 11 March. Lijian Zhao, spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, has openly attacked the US without too many periphrases: “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”. So he wrote verbatim on his Twitter profile on March 12th.

China, through a prominent member of his government, was clearly indicating those who, from his point of view, were the real responsible. Lijian Zhao’s allegations deserve further investigation. They leverage the lack of clarity of the dollar civilization on their Covid-19 cases: “When did the patient zero in the United States go back to Lijian Zhao? How many people have been infected in the States? What are the hospitals where they are hospitalized called? It may have been the U.S. military that brought the outbreak to Wuhan. We want transparency! Let your data be made public! The United States owes us an explanation. ”

It is interesting about this accusation that it does reverse the narrative, placing the US in the position in which they had hitherto tried to place China: that is, in the position of those who must give an account of their responsibilities to the whole world.

In a second Twitter message, Lijian Zhao recalled that Robert Redfield, spokesman and representative of the US Parliament, has openly admitted the existence of deaths for Covid-19 in the US. It also reports The Guardianon March 12. The video to which Lijian Zhao alludes had been published by “People’s Daily”: in it Robert Redfield claimed that some flu deaths in the US were actually infected by Covid-19 … In the words of Robert Redfield: “Some cases have actually diagnosed that way in the United States today “. These claims, in fact, open up the possibility of the virus is not “Chinese” (as Trump continues to repeat), but Atlanticist.

The civilization of the dollar is now suddenly at the bar for the accused. How many of the flu deaths in the US – Lijian Zhao insists – are connected to Covid-19? Why have the US, so diligent in attacking China, hidden their responsibilities from the whole world?

The political catilinaries of Lijian Zhao are supported by the statements of the epidemiologist and pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan, who in 2003 discovered the Coronavirus Sars, and who was also president of the Chinese Medical Association (2005-2009). Without pointing the finger at the US, Zhong Nanshan said on February 27, 2020 that the virus, first detected in China, “may not have been born in China.” These, in a nutshell, some of the accusations made by China to the United States. He uses? The U.S. National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, he almost immediately accused China of not having managed the epidemic in the right way “by silencing the doctors involved or putting them in isolation”. And, indeed, Li Wenliang, the doctor who first vainly sued Covid-19, is – as we know – dead isolated and forgotten. And there have been other incidents of repression in China dissidents.

However, if China was the first country to be hit by Covid-19, the United States was certainly not spared. Soon, in fact, the virus spread irreversibly even across the ocean, hitting New York in a sensational way. Mike Pompeo, U.S. secretary of state (and former CIA director from 2017 to 2018), showed no hesitation in indicating China as responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic. Depending on the world power in question, the virus thus becomes now a secret member of the Chinese Communist Party, now a CIA spy. In the opinion of Jim Inhofe, one of the senators who proposed the “Covid-19 Accountability Act”, “the Chinese Communist Party must be considered responsible for the harmful role it played in the pandemic. His lies about the origin and spread of the virus cost the world lives and precious time. ” Indeed, President Trump should also report whether China will have closed his own “Wet market”, the “wet markets” in which, according to the hegemonic version, the pandemic originated in Wuhan.

To remain on the subject of virological Cold War, Trump would be authorized, under this law, to impose sanctions on Beijing, such as the freezing of assets, the ban on entry or the revocation of visas. It could also limit Chinese companies’ access to US banks and capital markets. Of course, the US would like to investigate directly Wuhan, in the Chinese laboratories, through a phantom “International community” which, of course, always coincides with the point of view and the interest of the Atlanticist power.

According to what he stressed Lindsey Graham, signatory of the bill, “China refuses to give consent to the fact that the international community is going to investigate the Wuhan laboratory”. And it is, in fact, clear why such a refusal: it would be, for China, a transfer of sovereignty, a recognition of subordination to the stars and stripes monarchy. The previously mentioned spokesman for the Beijing Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, confirmed China’s absolute opposition to similar proposals of interference in its political life: “it is an attempt – he said – to blame China for the spread of coronavirus. China – explained Zhao Lijian – has always been transparent, collaborating with the World Health Organization “.

In short, that originally there is a bat or – according to others – a laboratory, it is clear that we are faced with a Cold War between the Atlanticist and the Chinese blocs; a war that, in the opinion of those who are writing, finds its own fundamental moment in the Covid-19 emergency.

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