Uprising in the USA after the Minneapolis horror – Upset assassination of 46-year-old African American George Floyd


The case of the death of George Floyd, who died of suffocation after being immobilized on the ground by a policeman in Minneapolis (Minnesota), is causing a wave of protests and demonstrations across the United States of America. But indignation mounts well beyond the borders of the USA.

They are terrifying images, which regret and outrage those that are circulating about the death of the African American 46.

At first the police had filed Floyd’s death as a “medical accident”, but the shocking video shot by one person and ended up on the net told a different story. The police intervened Monday evening after reporting a suspected counterfeit case: Floyd, a restaurant security officer, was stuck in the car, dumped and grounded, face down. In other videos it is noted that the man had been made to sit on the sidewalk first, and at that moment no act of rebellion was noticed on his part.

But an agent shortly thereafter immobilized him by pressing his knee to the back of his neck.

At one point Floyd started saying “I don’t breathe, I don’t breathe, friend“, and then “my stomach hurts, my neck hurts, I feel bad everywhere“, is “I’m dying“, But the policeman kept his grip for a few minutes, saying”take it easy“Although the man began to bleed from his nose. Floyd then had a crisis, was taken to the hospital, now lifeless, where he died.

However, a passerby filmed the whole scene, with the agent who kept his neck squeezed on the ground with one knee for 8 minutes.


The fires that started in the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota continue to burn during protests for the killing of the African American. Firefighters intervened to put out the flames in some buildings. The mayor of the city, Jacob Frey, called for calm on Twitter: “Please, Minneapolis, we cannot let one tragedy cause another tragedy,” “we ask you to help keep peace.”

The protests resulted in violence on the second night and demonstrators ransacked stores. A man was shot dead during the protests and police said that a suspect is in custody but information on the dynamics of the facts is not yet available.

The officer was fired on Tuesday, as were three colleagues, and Mayor Frey asked for him to be charged. The demonstrators also demonstrated peacefully in front of the home of Mike Freeman, a Hennepin county attorney who will have to decide on the case.

The chief of police, Medaria Arradondo, also attempted to restore calm in an interview with KMSP-TV, in which he stressed that the opportunity to do justice derives from the internal investigation into the police, as well as from the FBI investigations .

In California, meanwhile, hundreds of people protested against the killing of Floyd, also blocking a main street in Los Angeles and breaking the windows of a police headquarters.


The FBI and Justice Department are investigating the incident, President Donald Trump said, promising justice. Also on Monday, another serious racist episode sparked protests and outrage across the country: in Central Park, New York, a white woman called the police by making false accusations against an African American because he had asked her to keep the dog on a leash in an area. of the park where it is also mandatory to do so.

“I asked that the investigations be very quick and I appreciated the work done by the local justice system. My thoughts go to George’s family and friends. Justice will be done! ”Said Donald Trump.

George Floyd “was killed […] today he would be alive if he had been white ”. To say it was the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, interviewed by the CBS on the death of the African American who died after his arrest; the 4 policemen involved, meanwhile, have been fired, but it is clear that the killer will have to answer for other charges.
“Do you think it was murder?” Jeff Pegues of Cbs asked him. “Yes I think so. I’m not a prosecutor but let me be clear, that policeman killed a person. He would be alive today if he had been white, “added the Mayor of the city of Minnesota.

To make her voice heard, as often happens when it comes to sensitive issues for American society, was also the star of the NBA, under the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James.

A few hours after the first post on Instagram, LeBron returned to the topic by posting a photo that portrays him with a shirt that says “I can’t breathe”, a clear reference to the end of Floyd.

The case raised the controversy over police racism. Meanwhile, the photo of the policeman who pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck is finished on the net: this is Derek Chauvin, 44, wearing a red hat similar to those used by Donald Trump supporters with the words “Make Whites Great Again”, ” make whites great again. “

Outraged also Madonna, who on her Instagram account relaunched the video of the killing of the man (from which the frames that we publish are taken, ed).

The case recalls that of 2014, which took place in New York: even then a black man, Eric Garner, had been stopped by the police for a suspect, who turned out to be unfounded, and blocked with a socket that had subsequently caused his death. “I don’t breathe,” Garner said.

That phrase was taken up by the NBA players, with LeBron James in the head, and printed on thousands of shirts. The policeman was fired and the victim’s family got compensation.

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