“Unreliable contagion data”. If true, why does he say it only now? – Free newspaper


After Gimbe, also the government consultant Walter Ricciardi. Everyone to attack the Lombardy and the regions on the contagion data from coronavirus. Data that went well until yesterday, but now no longer: unreliable, inaccurate. A sort of terrorist operation when you have to decide on moving between regions. Interviewed by Republic, Ricciardi explains: “The data of the regions they are not reliable and therefore cannot be of help in policy decisions. So far it has gone well, especially thanks to the behavior of the Italians, who are evidently respecting the good rules for avoiding infections. However, it is important not to let your guard down in order not to frustrate the sacrifices made. As for the reopening of May 18, we have to wait a few more days, in some northern regions you can see some movement. The system of indicators was developed at the central level, rightly, but it is fueled by diagnostics and reports from the regions, therefore it depends on the management skills of the regional systems. If they are effective and efficient, then the data is reliable. If they are not, for a variety of reasons, those numbers are not reliable. And there are serious reasons to think that in some regions these data are not now “. In short,” we see a little movement “,” unreliable data “. And again, Ricciardi adds that” politics can make decisions if it is certain of the data. The choice is right if it is based on right indicators, but in this case, they may not be solid. If the numbers are not certain, you end up making choices that may not be correct ” what you don’t understand it is because politics has made decisions to date on those data while today, the exact same data, would no longer be good or sufficient to decide.

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