Unprecedented auto crisis: sector at risk


The auto sector, as we all know, has been experiencing a stalemate for months, sales have fallen dramatically, as never before, the crisis is at extreme levels. Unfortunately, no help is mentioned in the Relaunch Decree to restart the sector.

Indeed the Government admits it, Stefano Patuanelli’s words are in fact: “The automotive is one of the pieces that are still missing, I pointed it out”, are the words of yesterday, Tuesday 19 May, pronounced by the Minister of Economic Development, in the his report to the Senate Industry Committee. The auto sector is very important, fundamental on GDP and employment in our country, so this situation is too serious.

The measures that have been taken at the moment alone cannot be enough, you need much more than the eco-bonus. In fact, the funds available for these incentives have been increased and one has been introduced 110% deduction of the expenses for the installation of charging stations for domestic electric cars, all with the decree of recent days. The beneficiaries will clearly be only those who purchase a new one electrified car, hybrid or zero-emission models are included, but at the moment they are still the least sold.

Today the only incentives that we are sure of and that we know, we are talking a lot about these days, are related to the purchase of bicycles and electric scooters, which are depopulating, especially comfortable for reaching cities, they reduce traffic and polluting emissions. As for concrete help and support for what is the market for cars and motorcycles, which practically is reset during April 2020, like never before, there is no trace.

At the beginning of the month, Patuanelli said in an interview: “There is a signal with respect to the electric car, also to guarantee the possibility of reaching the objectives of the Energy and Climate Plan, but an automotive reasoning will be done when converting the decree“. The sector, as he himself pointed out, “is at the center of a transformation that needs support and scrapping tools also for the purchase of non-electric cars “. The risk that dealers will find themselves with many unsold cars until the end of 2020 is underlined, so there is a need for real support for the whole sector.

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