United States in chaos, still riots for death George Flyod


An implacable storm has blown over the United States of America. For the fifth consecutive day, in fact, protests and violent clashes between law enforcement agencies and groups of protesters came down the streets of numerous cities to protest because of the death of the 46-year-old African American George Flyod.

That the event would have brought serious consequences had been evident from the first moments following the death of man. Stopped by four policemen on the evening of May 25 in a street in Minneapolis, Chicago Avenue South, Flyod had been knocked down by agents, confident that he was in a state of psychophysical alteration from taking drugs. With one of the policemen’s knee pressed to his neck, the 46-year-old had tried in vain to free himself, begging the uniformed men to move and allow him to breathe. Nothing, however, had served his entreaties. Flyod died during the arrest, in the opinion of many precisely because of asphyxiation.

The first tensions had occurred right in front of the Minneapolis Police Department offices, with an angry crowd gathered to demonstrate against the violence shown by the agents. Despite the immediate dismissal of the 4 policemen, the discontent however, the general has not subsided, and these days it has literally exploded.

The scene of a white agent raging on an unarmed black man sparked one reaction of colossal proportions, especially in the African American community, which has seen old and never healed wounds reopen.

From provocative signs “Black Lives Matter”, “I can’t breathe” is “Hands up, don’t shoot!” we soon moved on to the real unrest, which affected not only Minneapolis but numerous cities in the United States, so much so that it was forced to armor itself White House.

There would be at least 30 cities in revolt, because it is a revolt. Dumpsters, buildings and several cars belonging to the police were set on fire; shop windows have been shattered, and some areas have been erected barricades. Particularly violent clashes have not occurred in all locations, but the seriousness of the situation has forced the authorities to announce a curfew in at least 25 cities, including Philadelphia, Atlanta and Los Angeles. In some cases the fury of the demonstrators led to the mobilization of the national guard.

As reported by CNN, 13 police officers were injured last night in an attempt to contain the protests. A shooting incident occurred in Indianapolis, and one person lost his life. One died in Oakland, where a federal security officer was killed. And a victim also in Detroit, that is to say a young 19-year-old man riddled with bullets exploded against the crowd by a racing car. Up to now there are about 1400 people in the state of arrest, and riots have even occurred before the White House. Despite police efforts, the protests have not subsided in any way. The Pentagon also appears to have made available to the armed forces.

A crisis of colossal proportions in the United States, already committed to managing the health emergency triggered by the Coronavirus.

To demonstrate together with African Americans many whites, who joined the movement; the Amish community, for example, has made it known that it is on the side of the protesters.

News also arrived this morning, after the umpteenth night of protests. The Ferguson (Missouri) police department was targeted and damaged, forcing all personnel to evacuate. Many stores have been closed, including “Target”, which has temporarily closed 175 stores. In Jacksonville, Florida, an agent was “stabbed or wounded in the neck” and finds himself hospitalized, as reported by Sheriff Mike Williams during a press conference.

The Democratic candidate commented on the situation in the United States Joe Biden.“Protesting this brutality is right and necessary”, he said, as reported by the CNN. “But burning communities and needlessly destroying is not. Life-threatening violence is not. The violence that destroys and closes the activities that serve the community is not “, he added.

Hard punch by the president Donald Trump, concerned about citizens’ safety. According to the head of state and the governor of Minnesota himself, infiltrators are hidden among the protesters. Subjects who would be fomenting Protestant anger, using it to wreak havoc in the United States ahead of the upcoming elections.

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