United States, African American suffocated: anger explodes


The anger of African Americans explodes in the United States. As the agency reports Agi, twenty-four hours after the death of George Floyd, the 47-year-old African American stopped by police in Minneapolis and died suffocated, dozens of spontaneous demonstrations are shaking the country. During the night there were clashes in Minneapolis and today dozens of people have taken to the streets exposing signs asking for justice. #GeorgeFloyd and #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd hashtags dominate on social networks. The killing of 46-year-old Floyd caused a sensation after the release of a video showing the man on the ground with a police officer pressing his knee against his neck preventing him from breathing. Police officers intervened in response to a call from a grocery store claiming that Floyd would allegedly use a counterfeit check to pay for the purchased goods.

The Democrat candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke on the matter. “George Floyd deserved the best and his family deserved justice. Her life mattered“he writes Joe Biden on Twitter. “I’m grateful – added Biden –of the prompt decision taken in Minneapolis to fire the agents involved. They have to answer for their shameful deeds“. Floyd, commented the former basketball player Nba Magic Johnson, “he was clearly assassinated by a Minneapolis police officer. How many times do we have to see black men killed on national television? This has been happening for too long. We have to start seeing black people as humans and not as animals. “” This is murder. Disgusting. What the hell is wrong with the United States? ” said Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr, referring to the death of George Floyd. As reported The RepublicThousands flocked to the streets and after the police station, the crowd met in front of the house of the person responsible for killing Floyd: Derek Chauvin, 44, 19 years of age in the police. He is the one who pressed his knee to the victim’s neck while colleagues watched.

As reported by CNN, four Minneapolis police officers were fired for their involvement in Floyd’s death, while the FBI is also investigating the case. The mayor of Minneapolist intervened by stressing that he supported the dismissal of the four agents. “It is the right decision for our city“said Jacob Frey. “The right decision for our community is the right decision for the Minneapoli police departments “.

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