United Kingdom, Cambridge surrenders to the coronavirus: the next academic year will only be online


LONDON – Cambridge has surrendered to the coronavirus. The famous British university has announced that, as already happened in part of the current semester, the whole academic year 2020-2021 will not have live lessons, but only in video and remotely. It is a historical turning point, obviously unprecedented during the long history of the English university. “We made this decision because of the ongoing emergency and the social distancing rules in place,” notes the University in a statement, “we are ready to update them if the government does the same.”Cambridge adds that “mini-meetings between a limited number of students and professors will take place”, however still unclear, if the necessary safety conditions are met. Regular meetings with the teachers will also be available, always respecting social distancing. “.


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Something like this had already been done by the University of Manchester in the last few hours. But the latter has provided “tele-lessons” only for the first half of 2020-2021, at least for the moment. Cambridge, however, has officially already decided to give up the traditional courses of the entire next academic year. Shocking news for many students.It is clear that many of them will now seriously re-evaluate their membership in the glorious Cambridge. This is because so far the university has not mentioned how the salty annual fees will change (up to £ 9,000 a year). If things and costs should remain like this, it is clear that many young people will give up paying similar amounts if, in return, they will receive only video lessons, remotely and depersonalizing. According to Daily Mail total losses, largely due to canceled registrations, could amount to up to £ 763 million, or approximately € 850 million.


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And then, you ask, the Guardian, what will become of the loves that are born on campus and the famous university parties, many of which also alcoholic? Next year in Cambridge all this will not be possible. So Covid 19 has decided, once again.

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