Ultralight crash, young blue promise of swimming dies


BOLOGNA. The victims of the accident involving an ultralight crashed near Rome were two swimmers. The 22-year-old Fabio Lombini from Forlì, in Rome for a training collegiate, was swimming for the company In Sport Rane Rosse and the Sportivo Forlì Nuoto group: he also arrived in the final in the 200 freestyle at the European Championships in Copenhagen in short tub.The pilot Gioele Rossetti was instead registered with the Aurelia swimming.
The aircraft would have crashed about 30 seconds after takeoff. This is what would emerge from the first investigations. The aircraft touched down and caught fire. Investigations are underway by the carabinieri of the Anzio company. At the moment a technical fault is assumed. As far as rebuilt, the ultralight was from Rossetti’s father. The young pilot had considerable flying experience. The aircraft and the whole area were confiscated.

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