Ukraine, Covid-19: the Greek Catholic Church starts a new crisis center


His Beatitude Svyatoslav Shevchuk, Major Archbishop of Kiev-Halyč, launched a new initiative to deal with the coronavirus emergency in the Eastern European nation, providing assistance to the sick, their families and medical staff, as well as ensuring hot meals for the most needy

Giada Aquilino – Vatican City

An anti-crisis center for spiritual, psychological, medical, social and communicative assistance. It is the new initiative wanted in Kiev by His Beatitude Svyatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in this coronavirus emergency.

The numbers of the infection

When in Ukraine the total number of infections is more than 22 thousand, of which more than 4 thousand concern health workers, and the victims are 669 across the country, the center – informs a note of the major archbishop of Kiev-Halyč – provides targeted assistance to patients with Covid-19, their families and medical staff and at the same time aim to develop an accurate communication strategy on the subject.

Church, field hospital

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Greek Catholic Church has offered its spaces for the reception of the sick, in addition to confirming the commitment of 140 medical chaplains. Now the creation of an anti-crisis center, made up of representatives of the archbishop’s Curia, delegates of the various eparchies of the Greek Catholic Church and Caritas Ukraine, wants to be – it is explained – a further step towards that Church “field hospital” urged by Pope Francis.

Initiatives also in Lviv

His Beatitude Shevchuk also made his home in Lviv available to 40 doctors and nurses, who came from different Ukrainian regions to treat the infected: healthcare workers can observe the quarantine after work shifts. In the same place, hot meals are prepared for the elderly and needy people of the city. Just last week, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church had addressed the local faithful, raising an appeal for solidarity: “When you go to buy medicine or food for you – he said – try to understand if your neighbor is alone and has no one. By buying bread, save his life. “

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