UK, new trouble for Cummings: “He violated the lockdown twice”


LONDON – The “Rasputin” of Downing Street is increasingly in trouble and is likely to drag us too Boris Johnson. Other testimonials reveal that Dominic Cummings, prime minister’s adviser and strategist, has violated the lockdown rules imposed by the British government to fight a pandemic on a second occasion. The new accusation comes on the day Cummings defends himself from the previous one, claiming that he acted “reasonably and legally” in leaving London, while he was suffering from coronavirus, to go with his wife and son to his parents in Durham, 400 kilometers away. .All opposition forces were already demanding his resignation before this first charge. The second revelation further aggravates his position and indirectly also that of Johnson, who continues to confirm his trust in him. The seriousness of the scandal is evident to all, except apparently to its protagonists. “The British people are not used to having a rule for the prime minister’s adviser and a different rule for everyone else,” comments the author of the revelations to Guardian. “Many of us couldn’t even be close to loved ones who died in the hospital,” says the Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines. “And now we are faced with two weights and two measures. Various ministers tweeted their support for Cummings. What price does their conscience have? Or their honesty? Or their credibility? Or their expertise at a time when leadership is essentially a matter of trust? ”
Cummings has so far defended his behavior by claiming he has achieved it Durham to get help from parents and other family members to take care of their son because he and his wife were sick with Covid-19. His actions, says the Downing Street councilor, have been “reasonable and legal.” And he also denied that the police, as reported initially by the Guardian and from Sunday Mirror, contacted Durham to report that he had violated the lockdown rules. But the Minister of Transport Grant Shapps, who had to conduct the daily press conference in Downing Street, appeared in difficulty in explaining Cummings’ statements. If the counselor says the police didn’t contact him, asked a reporter, does that mean the police lied? “I am not sure of the confusion that has arisen in this regard,” replied the minister.According to the new testimonies reported by GuardianCummings allegedly further violated the lockdown on Easter day, leaving Durham to travel with his wife and son to Barnard Castle, a popular tourist spot, 50 kilometers away. “I was amazed to see him,” says Robin Lee, a 70-year-old retired teacher, to the London newspaper. “Perconto mio should resign. Catherine Calderwood, Scottish government scientific adviser, resigned for going to her second home during the lockdown.
Professor Neil Ferguson, scientific adviser to the British government, resigned only because his mistress visited him at his home. None of them did anything remotely irresponsible like Cummings. Do not carry the virus around the country when the order for everyone is to stay home to save lives. “The Transport Minister said he did not know when Johnson learned that Cummings violated the lockdown. The Labor Party has asked for a public inquiry into what has happened, while the Scottish Nationalist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party ask for the immediate resignation of the councilor. Getting away is not easy for Boris Johnson: Cummings is the “spin doctor” who made him win the campaign for Brexit in the 2016 referendum and the elections last December to confirm himself as prime minister. An extremely controversial character, but also very powerful and who knows all the secrets of the conservative leader. But continuing to defend him, at this point Johnson risks losing further support, already affected by the disastrous conduct of his government in dealing with the pandemic.

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