Ufo, extraterrestrial life is now a concrete hypothesis: it is time to take it seriously


With the recent official release of the three videos Flir1, Gimbal and GoFast by the Ministry of Defense of the United States, already in the public domain since 2017, here is the phenomenon of flying objects, or unidentified aerospace phenomena, if you like, makes its reappearance on the radar of media all over the world.

After well over half a century of stagnation, the “ufological renaissance” we are still witnessing began on December 17, 2017 with the publication, on the initiative of the To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences, of three videos that portrayed phenomena UFO/ UAP taken from US Navy planes.

Together with the concurrent revelation of the military UFO study project called Aatip, the publication of the three videos showed for the first time in the world that unidentified flying objects they could exist and that the armed forces with stars and stripes still cannot identify them, although they study them secretly.

The revelation of the Aatip program and the publication of the three videos of the US Navy took the media and public opinion by surprise and aroused a great hype all over the world, with the media competing for interviews with the main protagonists of the events, from the (now ex) Commander Fravor to deus ex machina UFO, Luis Elizondo, who apparently should be the person behind these revelations.

Together with the media frenzy, two prevailing attitudes immediately emerged in the public opinion: on the one hand, the passionate of the sector and dreamers, disappointed that the magic hat of the To The Stars Academy did not come out aliens; and on the other a short-sighted rubber wall Holocaust denial, devoid of logic as of method.

It has gone from an initial derision to affirm that it was all a joke; then, realizing that this was not the case, we moved on to statements as heavier as laughable, such as the unreliability of the on-board instruments, pilots’ evaluation errors or alleged secret tests of new weapon systems.

But even without wanting to bother with science and its methodology, which can be criticized in some respects but which are nevertheless serious things, remaining in the peaceful and familiar sphere of common sense common we cannot avoid noticing the smallness of such an attitude, devoid of even the slightest analysis, which places these “skeptics” (in quotes because they are skeptics, true lovers of skepsis, is a commendable mental posture when we are faced with unknown phenomena) like those who deny the very evidence of reality.

Meanwhile, things are going on in the world. The Japan is developing specific guidelines for its military pilots in the event of encounters with UAP; in Argentine after acknowledging the existence of a secret UFO / UAP study program, the authorities are preparing a release into the public domain of the government’s UFO information.

The possibility of life, even evolved, outside the Earth has now become one concrete hypothesis the basis of numerous scientific studies that are carried out today. And all this, it is good to remember, is due to the already mentioned To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences by Tom DeLonge, which had the historical merit of break the blanket of ice that weighed on the issue of unidentified aerospace phenomena, with the person of Luis Elizondo as a leading figure in his communication activities.

It is certainly worth mentioning here what Elizondo himself affirmed during the International Ufological Conference “City of Rome” organized by the Cun on 27 October 2018, the only one to which Elizondo and Tom DeLonge attended outside the US: “I guarantee you that when we are talking about these topics within a year, we will do it on totally different premises”.

A year has passed well, and the basics of the speech have really changed. One fact is now certain: it’s time to take UFOs seriously.

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