Ubisoft reveals the reason for the changes to the Hidden Blade


From the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla announcement video, fans of the series are debating on social media in an attempt to understand why Eivor mounts the Hidden Blade in reverse. Aware of the doubts raised by the community, Ubisoft Montreal’s Narrative Director, Darby McDevitt, wanted to definitively clarify.

“It was a deliberate decision”, began theauthor of AC Valhalla before delving into the matter by stating that “is something Eivor firmly believes in. Eivor wants this weapon to be clearly visible, especially to his enemies. You see, the Vikings warriors were renowned for their sense of honor and that is why, in their culture, it was really important to be noticed in battle in the act of killing one’s enemies “.

For McDevitt, therefore, the modification of the position of the hidden blade on Eivor’s forearm does not have a particular ritual meaning but is a “simple” reflection of the Viking culture and, more generally, of that particular historical context: “Often people were not punished for murder if they managed to enclose a small justification, like an insult received. At that point, to escape the penalty it was enough to prove that they had to fight to respond to the insult. For this reason, the choice to make some Visibly, the Hidden Blade is actually an extension of that concept of honor, we wanted it to be reflected in the way Eivor presents itself to the eyes of opponents and its allies “.

While waiting to know the launch date of Ubisoft’s new open world blockbuster on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PS5 and Xbox Series X, we refer you to our special on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the origins of the Hidden Blade.

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