Uber Italy, the court of Milan, commissioner of the society for hiring of riders


The Prevention Measures Section of the Court of Milan has ordered the judicial administration, i.e. the commissioner, of Uber Italy srl, the Italian branch of the American group, by corporal, in particular for the exploitation of the riders assigned to deliver food for the Uber Eats service.


Milan, exploitation of workers and safety risks: the power of attorney investigates the world of riders

The collected elements would lead to the accusation of exploitation of the riders who deliver food at home with Uber Eats, the special service app connected to the car rental group. The investigation is underway and the measure is still being carried out by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Milan Guardia di Finanza, with the coordination of the public prosecutor Paolo Storari. economic and financial position of the Gdf and coordinated by the assistant prosecutor Alessandra Dolci and the prosecutor Paolo Storari.


Coronavirus, investigation into rider safety conditions: “Delivery companies have not assessed the risks”

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