“Tyson like Cristiano Ronaldo and Nadal: here is the treatment to return ‘Iron'”


TURIN – Mike Tyson on June 30th he will blow out 54 candles yet, 15 years after his retirement and after reaching the weight of 170 kg, he shows a sculpted physique and is ready to return to the ring. The boxer has in fact declared that he wants to “get back on track” for charity. From Evander Holyfield to Tito Ortiz, many names of possible challengers for the return of Iron Mike. Tyson, meanwhile, has already returned to the ring symbolically last night, “performing” in a number of his at AEW (All Elite Wrestling), accompanied by another known as Henry Cejudo.

Mike Tyson ready to return to the ring: “God has been generous to me”

Stem Cell Treatment: Here’s How Tyson Returned Iron Mike

The American boxer shows a sculptural physique and, as evidenced by the videos, he has not forgotten how to punch. The secret would not be related only to the vegan diet that Tyson himself admitted to having undertaken (“I had high blood pressure, I almost died and I had arthritis. Becoming a vegan helped me eliminate all those problems in my life. I have lost more than 45 kilos and I want to change my life “), but, according to the English tabloid The Sun, would be due to stem cell treatment already tried by Christian Ronaldo is Rafael Nadal. According to the British portal, the procedure is to use “blood that is extracted from the umbilical cord of newborns, bone marrow or body fat” and injected into the patient. The former champion himself told how it was: “When they took My blood was red. When they injected it it was translucent. I could almost see through the blood. And since then I’ve been weird, I feel balanced now”, he confessed. It is effective in reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow and promoting tissue growth. Its price exceeds 5,000 euros and can reach around 25,000.

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