Two people were arrested in the United States for helping Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan


Two U.S. citizens were arrested in Massachusetts, the United States, on charges of helping former Nissan and Renault chief Carlos Ghosn escape Japan and arrive in Lebanon, despite being on probation with very restrictive conditions. . The two are Michael Taylor, a former member of the Army Special Forces and an expert on counter-terrorism, who has long worked in private security., and his son Peter.

Last January Japan issued an international arrest warrant against them and against a third person, George Antoine Zayek, a Lebanese citizen with an American passport who works for some Taylor companies. At the moment, there is no news of the latter. According to the accusation, Michael and Peter Taylor, together with Zayek, participated in the organization of Ghosn’s daring escape on 29 December.

A few days before the escape, Ghosn secretly left his home and met with Peter Taylor at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Tokyo to discuss the plan. Later, on December 29, he would also meet Michael Taylor and Zayek, arriving from Dubai by private jet, at the same hotel. That day, after meeting at the hotel, Peter Taylor would have gone to Narita airport to board a flight to China, while Michael Taylor and Zayek would have helped Ghosn to leave Tokyo aboard a high-speed train bound for Osaka.

The three would then head by taxi to a hotel and then to the airport, hiding Ghosn in a large trunk, like those used for musical instruments, and having him secretly boarded a jet bound for Turkey. Once arrived in Turkey Ghosn would have boarded another plane bound for Beirut, Lebanon, where he is still located. At this moment there is an international arrest warrant issued by Japan, followed by one red notice of Interpol, or a request to locate, arrest and extradite a criminal or suspect, and Lebanon has forbidden him to leave the country.

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