Twitter: Dorsey, we will continue to report incorrect information – North America


“We will continue to report incorrect or disputed information about the global election.” The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, wrote in three tweets in which he spoke on the story that opposes Donald Trump to social networks, after Twitter corrected two posts by the US president regarding the risk of fraud in the vote by mail in California. The tycoon yesterday threatened to close the social networks, and a decree on the matter is expected today.

Trump’s tweets “could lead people to mistakenly think that you don’t need to register to get a ballot,” writes Dorsey explaining Twitter’s intervention.

Reporting incorrect information “does not make us an ‘arbiter of truth'”, highlights Dorsey in response to Mark Zuckerberg.
The Facebook CEO has released an interview with Fox, which will air in full form today, in which he declares that his platform “must not be the arbiter of the truth of what people say online”.


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