twins found death hand in hand


The girls had shut their mother outside the door when a fire broke out. The woman tried to get back through a window, but the little girls died from smoking.

Two twins died in a tragic fire. They were found hand in hand, huddled together. Aisha and Lailani Ford, just 3 years old, closed their mother outside on Monday at their home in Batlow, New South Wales, Australia.

Tankya, the 29-year-old young mother, had brought out a pillow that burned from the wood stove in the living room. While out with the other 5-year-old son, the girls closed the door.

Just then the house was swallowed up by the flames in front of the eyes of the mother who, desperate, tried to return through a window, injuring herself.

When the firefighters arrived, the girls were perched on the ground, immobile and now lifeless, probably due to smoke inhalation.

Tankya “Hates herself for not being able to help them”, wrote on Facebook. The woman still does not understand how it could have happened.

Her aunt, 39-year-old Tammy Du Bois, said that “there had to be something else burning in the room, Tankya was yelling at the girls to open the door but they didn’t.” The girls were probably scared and, as my aunt adds, “The girls couldn’t speak, they had their own special language, they loved each other, they were found hugging each other holding hands “.

“Our hearts are broken, my brother Goffrey is out of his mind, he was asked to identify their bodies in the hospital today, but he failed to do so. He doesn’t want to be here, “concluded the woman.

Investigation of the fire, the superintendent calls for respect

As the Daily Star reports, the community is very shaken by the accident. A neighbor said she was shocked. Superintendent Bob Noble of the local police district shared his sadness about the affair, explaining that “the fire spread quickly enough” and that “Children are vulnerable in that situation, the result is often quite catastrophic.”

The young mother is traumatized but has helped investigators as far as possible to carry out the investigation. The superintendent tried to dampen those who are speculating on the tragedy that occurred, inviting them to “put themselves in the shoes of the family involved” and to rethink some of the messages spread online. He called them “The kind of people who like to listen to their opinions.”

In addition to their daughters, the family also lost their home and everything in it, and the other son was left without all his belongings, clothes, toys. For this the uncle of the children, Levi Ford, is making an effort to help them, despite the difficult period of crisis, with the expenses for the funeral of the girls and to support the child.

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