Tv, Xiaomi falls on the Italian market with shock prices


                                    After smartphones and scooters, now also TVs: Xiaomi is attacking a new market, offering 4k ultra HD TVs for less than 500 euros                                    </h2>
                            <p>The event is one that is destined to change the TV market in Italy for a while: after smartphones and scooters, Xiaomi, the Chinese technology giant, also enters the field of televisions, launching its line in the wake of Asian success. To lead the way was the 32-inch MiTV 4A, already on sale in our country for a few weeks: a complete TV, with good performance and fully in line with what the competition offers at the moment in the 32 ″ segment, a once used as a living room TV and now downgraded to a “bedroom” appliance, given the progress of the maxi LED TVs from 50 inches upwards. The Mi TV 4A includes all the main necessary functions: having an Android 9.0 base, it works exactly like smartphones and tablets animated by the robot operating system, with Google Play from which to download the apps. From Netflix to Amazon Video via YouTube and Twitch, all the main entertainment players will be comfortable on this panel which, it should be emphasized, is however HD ready (720p with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels) and not full HD, nor clearly 4K . The recommended price is 199 euros: certainly interesting for those looking for an unpretentious TV, albeit with good performance, but above all with an extremely low budget. 

The 32-inch version served to Xiaomi, however, only as an aperitif to those who are the jewels of the crown of the line, namely the “4S” models, available in the 43 “and 55” versions. It is here that the Chinese house marks the revolution in a clear way: to create “living room” TV at prices even under 500 euros. The firm that seemed impossible has become reality: the two TVs are in fact list price at € 399 and € 499 respectively. Prices that, in the introductory offer, have been even further revised: both on Amazon and on the Mi store (but also in the physical stores of the Chinese house), the TVs have a “price cut” of another 100 euros, bringing the 43 inches at 299 euros and the 55 inches at the incredible price of 399 euros, perhaps never seen for a 4K UltraHD HDR.

The 43-inch version has a diagonal of 108 cm: resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels (4k between hd) and has an aluminum edge design. The 2 gb RAM memory makes streaming switching fluid, with the other 8 gb of internal memory useful for installing apps: the tuning is obviously compatible with the new dvb-t2 standards, but the difference is the technology Hbbtv 2.0 which gives the opportunity to exploit what different Italian broadcasters are sowing (not only the giants Rai and Mediaset, but also Sportitalia, which by exploiting Hbbtv 2.0 has put together a package of 10 free channels accessible by pressing the red button on the remote control) . The Mi TV 4s 43 ″ has 3 inputs HDMI 2.0, 3 USB 2.0, av input, ethernet lan (rj45), wlan, optical audio output, headphone output, ci slot and bluetooth remote control with microphone, Prime Video button and Netflix. The dimensions with the feet are 960 x 208 x 608mm, while without feet, to be installed at that point on the wall with the classic VESA connections, 960 x 81 x 557mm.

Practically the same hardware features for the 55-inch Xiaomi 4S TV, which compared to the younger brother obviously has a more impressive diagonal, from 138 centimeters. The dimensions with the feet are 1232 x 264 x 767mm, while to place it on the wall, the measurement is 1232 x 83 x 711mm. Clearly the fact that the screen is bigger, but not less resolute for this, guarantees even more rendering of HDR content, with very realistic colors and contrast depth. Audio should also be underlined, with Dolby Digital Experience: the integrated DTS and Dolby Digital decoders offer maximum precise decoding. The two 10-watt stereo speakers will fill the room: in short, the soundbar will not be necessary for these Xiaomi TVs, if not for those who are so passionate that they want a sound similar to that of cinemas.

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