Tuscany, towards zero infection: 2 new cases and 2 deaths


Only 2 new cases, the historical minimum since the beginning of the epidemic, and 2 deaths: a man and a woman, both over 85 years old, who died in Florence and Massa. This is the photograph of the trend of the Covid-19 epidemic of the last 24 hours in Tuscany, reported in the bulletin released by the Region in which there was also a slight increase in hospitalizations in intensive care that rose to 31, four more than yesterday.
To date, there are 10,088 cases of positivity in Tuscany. The healed grow by 1.6% and reach 7,802 (77.3% of the total cases). The currently positive are 1,255 (-9.1%) of which 1,113 are in isolation at home with mild or asymptomatic symptoms (-9.3% yesterday). Another 6,512 people (-4% on yesterday) are in isolation with active surveillance because they have had contact with infected patients.

1031 have died since the beginning of the emergency in Tuscany, two of which in the last 24 hours, broken down as follows: 380 in Florence, 46 in Prato, 79 in Pistoia, 144 in Massa Carrara, 135 in Lucca, 85 in Pisa, 58 in Livorno, 45 in Arezzo, 30 in Siena, 21 in Grosseto, 8 people died on Tuscan soil, but they were residents outside the region.

The raw Tuscan mortality rate (number of deceased / resident population) for covid-19 is 27.6 per 100 thousand residents against 54.9 of the Italian average (11th region). As for the provinces, the highest mortality rate is found in Massa Carrara (73.9 x100.000), Florence (37.6 x100.000) and Lucca (34.8 x100.000), the lowest at Grosseto (9.5 x100.000).

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